Cathedral Raymond Carver Analysis

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During the beginning of this course, we read several works of literature, one being the “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver, An American short-storyteller and poet. The narrator in this story realizes the capability he has of focusing on something that has never been important to him. The story leaves us with a small sense of optimism that the narrator will change the way he views his life. Because the blind man was not an important person to the narrator, the narrator made his own impression of him. This is one example of how people see without looking. We experience this in a classroom setting because time gets limited making it easier to evaluate certain individuals. It can be assumed that generally people associate positive or negative thoughts…show more content…
The reason behind my inspiration with this piece of literature was because in the cathedral the narrator and the blind man shared an experience that led him to pay more attention to things that are not always necessarily important to him. For example, in page 1 of the short story the narrator described how the blind man bothered him, yet his judgment was based off a screen. Although, later on in the story the narrator’s negative judgement was changed when their social interaction while drawing happened. The experience they shared reminded me of the lectures I had last semester in my general psychology class, of how certain experiences can lead to categorizing thoughts about genders, occupations, and ethnicities. Furthermore, the environment you grow up in has a lot to do with how you approach situations. The led me to the idea of nature versus nurture is whether human behavior is dependent on genetics or influenced by an…show more content…
Some people may argue that stereotyping does not happen blindly or that we can change the way our brain processes ideas. However, research and statistics will show the science behind stereotyping. Acquiring information for this debate will be difficult since ideas vary from person to person. Yet this does not mean it is impossible, with the help of University studies and factual information from trusted websites, I can gather support for my issue. The audiences that will be interested with this concern will be people in the psychology and medical fields. I believe social workers, nurses, and doctors will be some of the top scholars interested in this stereotyping question since they deal with different nationalities daily. It doesn’t mean these scholars have no types of judgement; I believe they have control of their judgment which needs to happen globally. Nevertheless, the types of people who will oppose my issue will be the kinds of people who do not like the invasion of their privacy such as film makers and a few celebrities since their thoughts on the matter could ruin their reputation. Although, I am not completely familiar with my allies, I use my knowledge from what I have seen on movies, TV shows and news cast. Until I farther my research, I will then know the reality of how extensive this topic

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