Burnouts In Social Service Essay

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i) Introduction Upon completion of my visits to the respective agencies, it dawned on me to be more aware of the challenges that social service workers themselves face. Social workers have always been characterized by their altruism and selflessness as they toil endlessly to assist populations that have been disadvantaged, marginalized or even devalued due to problems such as poverty within our society today. However, people tend to neglect the challenges and hardships faced by these individuals, which very often have a cascading effect on not just sector itself but also on our society. ii) Key issues social agencies face – Exploring Remuneration concerns and the Phenomenon of Burnouts in social service Amidst innumerable over-saturated industries in Singapore,…show more content…
If salary is a huge concern for you, I would advise you to be a social worker instead as the prospects and opportunities are brighter,” as candidly iterated by Miss Christina, a counsellor from Wings Counselling Centre. The relatively lower salary mainly serve as an entrance-deterrent to prospective applicants who aspire to join certain sectors in social service yet a more alarming concern would be the issue of burnouts, which is a widespread ubiquitous threat to all social workers regardless of their age and experience and profession in social service. Burnout can be defined as a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. This proved to be a one of the major deal-breakers that determined the longevity of their careers, with 1 in 10 social workers revealing that they would quit their job over stress. (BBC news, 2014). As shown by research, the lifespan of a social worker is only an average of a meagre 8 years (University of Bedfordshire, 2013) which is unsettling for me as this translated to high turnover rates in the sector as well as lowered levels of

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