Edgar Allan Poe's Poem, The Raven

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Edgar Allan Poe’s Poem “The Raven” shows a dark reflection of lost hope, death and loss of a loved one. This poems goes through the emotions with the young man who has lost a loved one, and tries to distract himself from the hurt and sadness by reading books. These books turn out to be no help because of the nightmares of one visitor, the raven. Poe uses elements like symbolism, tone and imagery to enforce his theme of sadness and loss of his loved one throughout the poem. The poem displays imagery and the characters in two different aspects, light and dark. Everything mentioned in the poem can be placed into the light or dark category. An example is when Lenore is always describes as radiant attaches to the world of light with the angels she has joined. Another image of light is the lamplight used to light the chamber takes away from the darkness that is outside. The time of year, is a dark and dreary December night which shows the aspect of darkness.…show more content…
Poe uses symbolism to create a strong tone for the poem. Midnight and December both symbolize something, the end. The hope of something new to happen is thought about midnight symbolizes the end of the day and start of a new day where things can get better. December symbolizes the end of the year, getting to start fresh and do things a little differently that my have been done last year. Both symbolize the hope of something new to happen. Another thing that shows symbolism is where the man is placed throughout the poem. He is all alone locked away in a chamber until he hears the tapping on his chamber door, this is when a raven flies into his chamber. The man asks the raven for his name, he replies “nevermore”. The raven repeats that one word and only that word throughout the whole
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