Things Fall Apart Rhetorical Analysis

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Differing ideologies and ways of thinking are often the root of conflicts between peoples. The contrasting beliefs have the ability to prohibit cooperation and understanding. The sense of disharmony is seen between the Ibo and British in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. There are many instances when contrasting ethics lead to harsh actions in the novel. Achebe highlights the values of the Ibo to express how differing values can cause misunderstanding and conflict. Religion is a value that is different in Ibo and European cultures, which causes misunderstandings. The two religions are drastically different, and Mr. Brown, a Christian missionary, attempts to understand the beliefs of the natives, by speaking to Akunna, a villager. They…show more content…
The Ibo come together and discuss what to do to the Christians after the royal python was killed in Mbanta by a convert, and “…the rulers and elders of Mbanta assembled to decide on their action. Many of them spoke at great length and in fury….But there were many others who saw the situation differently and it was their counsel that prevailed in the end” (Achebe 158). The judgement they pass is not extreme punishment nor ignorance of the event. Because many men have input, they all come to a consensus on what will be done, and all views are considered. The Europeans heed the word of the District Commissioner, and only his opinion is considered. When Okonkwo hangs himself, the commissioner orders a messenger to “‘take down the body…and bring it and all [the men] to court.’ ‘Yes, sah,’ the messenger [says], saluting” (Achebe 208). The District Commissioner has complete control over his inferiors, so whatever he says is done. He has no advice from anyone else, so what he wants to do may not be in the best interest of the Ibo or the Europeans, which may cause a conflict. Lack of unity can cause extreme consequences, just as a lack of balance in justice

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