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The Role of Social Media Technology has become a large part of our daily lives. We are surrounded by it and use it almost every sing minuet of everyday. As the advancement of technology took place, social media came as a result. Social media is defined as a collective of online communication channels dedicated to community- based input, interaction, content- sharing and collaboration. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter provide a platform for people to express themselves as well as their opinions, discussing world events and finding solutions to problems. It is a great tool to use for communicating information to people all over the world, as it is instantaneously spread. It makes it easier or convenient to communicate with relatives…show more content…
Social media provides a platform for many to exercise this right, without fear of imprisonment or judgment. Although this is a good thing, many abuse this right by infringing or violating other people’s right to human dignity. An example would be of someone ‘posting’ or ‘sharing’ a degrading picture of someone or insulting them. Peoples personal information can be obtained by hackers or people who work for certain phone companies, thus violating ones right to privacy. Strict restrictions of security measures are to be implemented to prevent the violation of this human…show more content…
He believes it consumes us and one should abstain from it once a week which is on the Sabbath. He believes it interrupts time with family and God. There are many temptations and negative things which divert your attention from God. On the other hand Pope Francis believes one should embrace it and use it for good. They both have good viewpoints although they oppose each other. One should not completely abstain from its use, it will be extremely impossible to do so because it has been integrated as part of our lives. One should just set aside some time to interact with their family and have communion with God. You can use social media as a tool to share spiritual messages and inspire others with words from scripture. By doing this you promote and uphold your religious values. To avoid inappropriate sites and content which opposes or goes against your values, you can activate settings which reject or ‘block’

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