Social Resilience Theory

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Resilience theory is when individuals stay positive when they encounter negativity. “Resilience theories generally agree that the presence of one or more protective factors can reduce the effects of exposure to adversity.”(Rutter). “Put the importance of resources to support and strengthen the resilience of marginalized youth.”(Bottrell 2009). When an individual has experienced trauma, they still are exhibiting positive behavioral adaptation that shows more than words could. Humans are very complex, but being a social worker you have the tools to understand them better. Resilience Theory and Positivism theory are two of many theories that can help guide you to understanding individuals. Understanding Families When dealing with families,…show more content…
(Gentle-Genitty 101 theory app 2013). “The capacity to recognize metaphors will enable clinicians and clients to identify biases, hidden implications, and reification, as well as what may have been overlooked.”(Rosenblatt). “Data on healthy families, derived from a long term study of how such families function, are preserved in contrast with much recent lifetime dealing with pathological family types.”(Lewis, J. M, Beavers, W. R, Gossett, J. T,Phillips). These two quotes shows two main problems in families, and that is problems being overlooked and the stereotypes of how families should…show more content…
There are four factors to describe client problems. The factors are social role problems, environmental problems, mental disorders, and physical disorders. (J.B.W. Williams et al, 1989). Adaptation Theory Adaptation theory focuses on organisms ability to adapt in their environment. “According to the hedonic treadmill model, good and bad events temporarily affect happiness, but people quickly adapt back to hedric neutrality”.(Diener,Lucas, R. E., Scollon, 2006). “If we analyze the distribution of characters among species we will find that they are more or less hierarchically distributed.”(Wanntorp). Over time all organism change to be better suited in their environment, and this will benefit them in the future. Environmental Theory Environmental theory says human beings have needs for their essential life functioning. “The effects on human uses of the environment substantially limit our ability to do careful benefit cost analyses of environmental quality and improvements.”(Freeman III 32). “Organizational behavior literature has not typically viewed person-environment fit as an outcome of change.”(Caldwell 2004) These two quotes explain environment theory because the environmental theory explores the relationship between human beings and their environments. (Gentle-Genitty 101 theory

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