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To: President of United State of America From: Director of the National Division Sub: Increasing the “terrorism” attack in USA. The purpose of this Memo is about the increasing the terrorism attack in USA. After a brief survey and watching the attacks happening in USA are increasing so I would say that to reduce this attacks, it is better to increase the security on border, airports security check, and also running the cross checking data on the people to who we are have doubts. As we know that 9/11 which is the largest terrorist attack in USA till now, and after that New york blast during the running rally, and recently the shooting in the school in Oregon, Suicide bombing, car bombings, plane hijacking, kidnaping people along with children…show more content…
In airport, borders, and other places, need to check each and every things they bring before they enter in to USA, but to do this all, need to increase the man power and more security borders so that process also can be done quick and fast, and also for the security purpose it will help to reduce and gathering the people on the same spot / place, which help for reducing the attacking place as…show more content…
Mostly if terrorist are trained in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and near by countries and they are coming from there. Which need to be taken care of that, either by destroying their base camp from where they operate, training center, and their amenities, their head who operate the whole operations and also the main boss of their, who needed to be captured or either needed to be killed, so their mastermind will died and for them no way to do the attack, also the head of the dead cell, so the people who is dead cell, they will never get the response from their head and they wont do any further action

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