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In relation to this study, a research study was conducted by UNICEF and found out that there is increasing recognition among government institutions, international development agencies, NGOs, and young people themselves of the importance of youth civic engagement. Civic engagement is one of the key components for positive youth development and the successful transition to adulthood. It allows young people to “practice” and exercise citizenship, develop life skills, and enhance their chances of employment and learning outcomes. At-risk young people can also become re-engaged in society through participating in these types of activities. Beyond their positive impacts on participants, civic engagement programs for the youth can significantly impact communities, increase their social capital, decrease violence, providing social services, and meeting overall community development needs (UNICEF, 2008). In a regional study conducted by Innovations in Civic Participation of East Asia and Pacific Regional Office (UNICEF, 2008), they found out that Philippines clearly stands out in the East Asia and Pacific region because this country offers the most diverse and rich in opportunities for the youth on civic engagement. The Philippine government has implemented several policies that support youth…show more content…
Similarly ‘co-operative governance’ is the same idea, albeit using different terminology has been defined as ‘the interlocking of the state and societal groups in a mix of public-private policy networks in the formulation and implementation of public policy’ (Edigheji, 2003). Both definitions envisage arrangements in which governments include organized citizens’ groups in creating and implementing

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