Social Problems In Modernization

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Modernization has utilized the production of weapons that are now accessible to mankind. With the arising issues involving legalizing war weapons, the increase of violence and crimes are more frequent since people do not properly communicate to solve simple disagreements that tend to result in wars. The Philippines was ranked according to World Health Rankings as the 25th country that has an increased rate of violence in the whole world. With this at hand, many solutions have been produced and proposed, but nevertheless, it was not well implemented and followed by the people in which, it led to further violence and crime. Solving these types of problems require communication between two or more parties involved in order to prevent these conflicts.…show more content…
The money that will be used in warfare can be allotted to a more important need of the nation. For example, a budgetary increase in education, health, agriculture, or any improvement that a country needs. Peace Talks can also be a form of Symposiums or Forums to give awareness to the people or inspiration to communicate first before doing any action that can result in controversies and disputes. Gaining the skill and knowledge of Peace Talks would also help us, as individuals to exercise our interaction with other people to rectify problems. With the advancement of technology usually people tend to converse through Social Media. The generation right has now lost the essence of conversing and interacting that can have a better understanding and wisdom of the conflicts between two people. Hence, when a problem arises they do not know how to settle these conflicts and some will result in unsolved cases or worse, into…show more content…
Practicing communication can avoid misunderstanding and disagreements. In today’s society, we should develop the skill of Peace Talks; it can also be an exercise of self-disciplining in one’s sudden action to think first before acting. This can also be a way of addressing problems in a peaceful manner rather than solving it through rage. Now that we are living in a Modern Age we need to be cautious on how we handle disagreements. We need to learn from the past and not repeat history again. In order to engage in Peace Talks, an individual should start by his/herself to practice to be critical and aware of how he/she act or react to problems. Use the power of Peace Talks it is free, it is accessible and simple. Use this gift and start change

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