S744 Immigration Reform Paper

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the United States of America. Without a job will not be able to make money in order to buy, and most likely not be able to sell if the S744 Border Security Economic Security and Modernization Act/ Immigration Reform Act is passed. This is very close to a “Mark of the Beast” system, to close for comfort. With a little added legislation, it could very well be and similar system. Uncle Spam, we don't like this - why are those BORN in the U.S. being penalized? We do not deserve this - You are infringing on our religious freedoms! For more information, read the WIRED article regarding S744 Immigration Reform. http://www.wired.com/2013/05/immigration-reform-dossiers. The S744 Border Security Economic Security and Modernization Act/ Immigration Reform Act includes a biometric database system to identify and track every employed citizen in the U.S. How can a person buy without a job? How can a person sell if unable to buy? Some are stating that the identification system in the Immigration Bill is not biometric, however it does include a digital facial photograph. Your face is biological and also an identifier - it is a digital face print. No different than a digital fingerprint. It will be included in a database; therefore it contains biometric information.…show more content…
Gov. wanting to control access to governmental web sites with the NSTIC program, a driver's license for the internet - so to speak. What is a brilliant idea, could become the enslavement that people should be seeking to avoid. Another twist and option auditioning itself for the diabolical plot to control mankind. Extensive warnings regarding the NSTIC program (as well as REAL ID, Immigration Reform ID/e-Verify process) are flowing from the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) making this program prime for surveillance on citizens and another storehouse for citizen data, ripe for the picking for hackers or cracker or even government

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