Daud Khan Achievements

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Sarder Mohammad Dauod khan who received the premiership based on a treaty which called the gentleman’s agreement with the king of that time Zahir shah that treaty made him prime minster of Afghanistan. He achieved and accomplished more in the infrastructure development of Afghanistan than any other Afghan leader. He believed in modernization and socioeconomic development of Afghanistan but only at his own discretion because Daud khan was an enlightened dictator. Daud khan’s goals for achievement were three main things; to centralize power under his own leadership, to institute a command based process for social and economic changes, and to help the creation of Pashtunistan. This essay will discuss that how Daud khan accomplished those achievements…show more content…
At the decade of Daud khan there was cold war that every developed countries especially USA and Soviet Union wanted to have alliance and to invade developing countries. During the cold war Afghanistan was natural but had disputes over Pashtunistan with Pakistan which was the alliance of USA. Daud khan was not able to pay his cost for economic and modernization on that time Daud khan needed financial supports that requested two times from USA by sending his brother Naeem to USA in 1954 and 1955 but they rejected his request because of Pakistan and it was not possible for USA to support both Pakistan and Afghanistan because Pakistan was US’s alliance and they ignored Afghanistan because in their opinion Afghanistan was not too important. There was no other option for Daud to achieve his goals and Pashtunistan he asked Soviet Union for financial aid to improve his policies and Pashtunistan because the Soviet Union and USA had rivalry Soviet Union was ready to help Daud. In 1955, Daud khan called a Loya Jirga that the subject was should Afghan government support Pashtunistan or not the answer was yes that it is Afghan government duty to help Pashtunistan. On March21, 1955 government of Afghanistan burned the flag of Pakistan and Daud khan had a broadcast denouncing about Pakistan and attacked embassy of Pakistan in Kabul and at its consulates in Kandahar and Jalalabad because of the Pakistan’s announcement of intended to merge all the provinces of West Pakistan into the One Unit Plan. But it was not the end because Pakistan also burned Afghan flag and attacked Afghan embassy and consulates in Peshawar and Quetta. This was the start of war between both countries Afghanistan and Pakistan but they solved disputes by mediation and the Afghan government was the first one to make amends on

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