The Three Theories Of Contemporary Environmental Paradigm

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In respect to environmental concern, there are many different theories from political scientists, sociologists and others with great understanding capabilities. Not being able to come to a consensus and the different opinions about environmental concern has shaped these three theories in unique ways. The three theories of contemporary environmental concern include: Postmaterialism, Paradigm Shift and Ecological Modernization and in respect to environmental sociology, can be applied in many ways. The first theory of contemporary environmental concern is Postmaterialism. Postmaterialism places a “greater emphasis on freedom, self-expression, and the quality of life” (242). As older generations die off, it is theorized that the number of postmaterialists will increase. Postmaterialism can be applied when asking a population or group of people for their perspective and opinion of the environment and their future. In a survey conducted, when asked about what their country’s top goals should be, postmaterialists picked the options: “Giving people more say in important government decisions” and “protecting freedom of speech” (242). Having picked these options demonstrated their emphasis on freedom and the quality of life they…show more content…
The paradigm shift is as the textbook states“rather than seeing environmentalism as an affection of the comfortable, this theory suggests that in response to discrepancies between evidence of environmental threats and ideologies that do not consider environmental implications, people are slowly but readily adopting a more environmentally view of the world”(244). This can be seen in a survey done in Washington in regards to environment and the results found that 78 percent of residents expressed some level of environmental values (245). The results may have been different if the survey was conducted a century ago with people who were not as concerned for the

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