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My fellow fifth years at St.Olivers community college. When I, student 110083, was asked to give a speech I was honestly a little scared. Then I realised that in order to seize the day correctly I would have to accept the opportunity. Now “seize the day” may just seem like a meaningless platitude. Said so often that it is devoid of meaning like look beyond what you see or reduce, reuse, recycle. Today however I wish to convince you why we all must make every day count, why we must be constantly seeking to improve, to become the best version of ourselves we can be. Why we all must seize the day. First of all I simply wish to say that a life of pushing yourself to be the best version of you you can be is simply more rewarding , more fulfilling and most of all more enjoyable than a life of avoiding responsibility and ducking challenges. Think of it like a river, at first you are in the clouds, playing with the other droplets, longing for the ocean but unwilling to undergo the journey. Then when you decide to work you become part of the river. You have to move, quickly at first and it’s a difficult…show more content…
You cannot wait. You cannot leave it until tomorrow. Because if you do, you will end up leaving it until the next day and the next day. Leaving it as a haunting presence that is constantly weighing you down, sucking the joy out of your life. Infinitely delaying self-improvement until eventually you run out of days to delay it to. Also the longer you go without seizing the day the harder it becomes in the end. The longer you wait to become your ideal self, the more difficult it will be. The more entrenched the negative aspects of your life will become. Think of it like quitting smoking. Most of you have never smoked, so quitting for you will be simple. Just like if you never had any negative aspects to your personality then becoming perfect would be simple. But once you start smoking, once you get stuck in a bad habit it slowly ingrains itself deeper and

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