Social Media Impact On Tourism

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According to Investopedia, “it is an internet-based software and interface that allows individuals to interact with one another, exchanging details about their lives such as biographical data, professional information, personal photos and up-to-the-minute thoughts and through social media, anyone with internet access can interact with millions of people online” (Social Media , 2017). Social Media has a great impact on the tourism industry. Tourists are able to research information on their own and book trips, make informed decisions on where to stay, what to eat, and options for entertainment and recreation and leave feedbacks of their experiences. Components of social media Social media is the modern day tool for marketers; platforms such…show more content…
Facebook has been a means by which many individuals and business have been marketing themselves. It has given people the power to share and stay connected as well as make the world more open (Zuckerberg, 2004). Twitter is a micro-blogging website that was launched in 13 July 2006, primarily excellent for current events and crisis communications between organizations and their consumers, with over 175 million users (Stephanie Hays, 2012). The relatively new social media, Snapchat, is an app that most businesses are now using as a way to keep up to date with their consumer market and their behaviour (Likes and dislikes). Based on these statistics of the amount of persons that can be reach on a global scale, through these popular social media platforms, tourism has a large window of opening as it relates to advertising and marketing, but Is Jamaica efficiently marketing tourism on social…show more content…
How does it affect tourism activity? Posts that tourists make on social media are public to one million viewers and when an incriminating or bad post gets broadcasted it goes viral, and there is no control over it. Improving Social Media Marketing How will business know that their social media marketing is successful? Upon research, FRY, a popular form of quantitative social media measurement (Blanchard, 2011), which refers to how often your audience is reached by your social media campaign (Blackwell, 2017), would be a good research method that could be used by Jamaica’s tourist destinations to keep track of the amount of tourists that make use of social media as per arrival to the country and ensure that their marketing content has effectively reached it targeted consumers. Tourism organizations should use social media effectively by creating official accounts and hiring professional and experience staff to control, manage and monitor these

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