Persuasive Essay On Fireplaces

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Fireplaces & Your Home Comfort Nothing will make your home more unique than the warmth and style of a fireplace. A fireplace will be your home’s central gathering point and its design, style and colour will be the foundation to the rest of your house and home decor. Thoughtful planning and design will ensure your fireplaces improves the beauty, value and energy efficiency of your home while also lending to the stability and durability of its architecture. fireplaces, archid architects, house plans, home designAlong with the aesthetic benefits of a house design that incorporates fireplaces come the possibility of energy savings. If installed correctly and with the right accessories, fireplaces may reduce your monthly heating bill. Fireplaces should be installed with tempered glass doors and a heat-air exchange that allows the warm air to circulate back into the room more efficiently. Of course keeping the damper closed and well sealed when not burning a fire is an absolute necessity to control cold air entry into your home. Traditional fireplaces may not provide the amount of heat you need to warm your entire home enough to…show more content…
Selecting from these options will also mean a large difference in installation price. Homes with wood burning fireplaces are typically much more expensive than their gas counterparts and can cost the homeowner up to R100 000 to have it installed. Unique, difficult to design and/or large ornate fireplaces will cost significantly more. Of course if you are working with an architect to design a new home that includes a wood burning fireplace, the cost may be significantly less and incorporated into the overall cost of the home and save you money. Gas fireplaces cost in the range of R60 000 and can provide just as much heat and aesthetic beauty as a wood

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