The Impact Of Social Media On Travel And Tourism

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Researchers pay more attention to the effect of social media on travel and tourism entertainment during the early years of the introduction of social media. Gretzel Xiang and conducted a study on "The role of social media in the search for travel information online." The aim of the study was to determine the impact of social media on travel and tourism in relation to global online tourism domain and in particular in the context of travel information search. A set of 10 predefined keywords in combination with target nine names is used to form queries to search Google. The keywords include "accommodation", "hotel", "activities", "attraction", "park", "events", "tourism", "restaurant", "shopping" and "nightlife". About 11% Search results identified…show more content…
Kaplan and Haenlein suggested these tips in your paper (Kaplan, Haenlein, 2010): CHOOSE CAREFULLY Choosing the right medium for any particular purpose depends on the target group to reach and communicate the message. Choose the application or Make Your Own: The next decision is whether to make or buy. In some cases, it might be better to join an existing application and benefit from social media popularity and user base. ENSURE THE ALIGNMENT OF ACTIVITY: It is crucial to ensure that the activities of the media are all aligned. One goal of communication is the resolution of ambiguity and uncertainty reduction, and nothing is more confusing than contradicts the messages through different channels. MEDIA INTEGRATION…show more content…
There are many websites offering standards and measures for a successful role in social media. (guide media) in one of his recent message introduced five steps to a successful Facebook page. 1. NETWORKING other platforms Many companies lack this level of dedication, waiting for their consumers on Facebook to find automatically 2. CREATING A RESOURCE: Some pages are used as hubs, but others provide relevant information to consumers. They use information and value to consumers have created a connection to the brand. Dell has done a great job with their social media resource for small businesses. The understanding that small business owners buy computers, offering this resource, small business owners interested in social networks remain top of mind Dell. 3. creating contests including participation: For brands that want to fan pages that have the added value (a reason for users to join the site, apart from the brand loyalty), but do not want to become a resource portal; offering contests and coupons specifically to Facebook users can entice consumers to join 4. PRE-EXISTING EMPOWERMENT PAGES: If there is a fan page founded by one of his fans, just try to maintain and enhance

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