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Mandala this has been historically significant for various ancestors, some of which are the tippet, used 2,000 years ago. Therefore Mandala is a piece of art that exemplifies someone's culture or their perspective upon modest objects that is significant to one another possessing a story behind what’s within their Mandala. As for, today's mandala’s they are convenient as for being hanged in rooms , used at the beach and put to other uses. However , one thing they have in common is they all reflect upon the person with it, allowing others to know their favorite patterns,colors or designs.To explain, upon the meaning and information gathered about mandalas I have chosen to create one that is about me, letting others have an insight on my life.…show more content…
The middle is the state motto”ua mau ke ea o’ ka aina I ka pono”.This motto had been created on July 31 1843. . In English this is translated into the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness. To some it’s just the motto, but to me it is my heritage. This saying is something of which allowed me to reconnect with my ancestors long ago. Besides connections with my ancestors, this motto was also the first Hawaiian sentence I learned and stuck with me. I still to this day remember how I learned it. About 4 years ago the summer of 5th grade I was in a Hawaiian program where I learned how to say it,pronounce it and translate it.This was a big part me as I grew this had a special meaning to me. The meaning of which was with the knowledge and education I obtain from schooling and Kupuna and peers, I will grow as a person also knowing my mistakes and transforms them to lessons. Furthermore, with it being in the middle of the mandala it shows what I stand for and what I am as a person religiously and

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