The Pros And Cons Of European Segregation In America

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1619, European settlers travelled to North America. They’ve found people that are not like them, different coloured skin, work differently, etc. The European settlers were stunned, due to the fact they have never seen people unlike them. The “new” people were coloured people, most likely Africans. The European settlers took them back to Jamestown, Virginia. Coloured people were now considered slaves, who had to do free labour for the white people. Some jobs they had were, cotton picking, weaving, railroad making, etc. Slavery lasted for many years, but stopped in 1865. Although the slaves were free, the white people were panicked that the coloured people will come back to them and attack them. So, they have decided to segregate, the white and the coloured people will be separated from everything.…show more content…
Sadly, segregation had many tragedies with this, stereotypes, fights, innocent people died and, racism. Over the times, people realized segregation had to come an end. 1954, the US Supreme Court orders the integration, of all segregated schools in America. Although, the US Supreme Court orders integration of all the schools in America, Charleston High School didn’t follow that rule for sixteen years, until 1970. The white parents were furious about this and refused to integrate the School Graduation Dance. So, the parents started a parent-organized prom, for white people and a separate for black

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