Political Theory In The Past

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For more than centuries, the world's different concept and theories exist in line for having different perspectives. But the only thing is that, the concepts that evolved through years have the same meaning with different interpretations because of having relations or continuity from the past, since the concept itself cannot enter without being related to the past for the concepts rooted into it. If we are still part of the modern world, notwithstanding the perspective that it is such a merely continuation of the past, why do we even bother the term “postmodern” at all? Such concept as, Political theory in the past and in the present day, the term had been through a different interpretation with the fact that there is a distinction between…show more content…
The past would be the same as the future. Although political theory is always in transition, the past still have a big impact in the present study. Political theory is a continuation with its practical activity of politics and it deals with the questions regarding citizens, such as the nature of justice, origin of authority, limitations of political responsibilities and the foundations of the social and political unity. The questions are asked in all aspects of each different period, depending on the political realities in such…show more content…
The theme of modernity is the separation between the universal and the individual or between society and an individual person. The political leaders of modernity advocated reason as a source of progress in the social change. Believing that with reason they can establish a fairly and justly social order in the form of the government that they encounter. Their beliefs also led to the American and French democratic revolution, the first and second world wars and the thinking of many philosophers and theorists in the contemporary world. The major themes in the modernity are democracy, fighting for the freedom and the individual. Modernity is a comprehensive term that it includes several concepts, but in particular, it refers to historical period that has grasped the capitalism and industrialism’s progresses. The time period that is known for rational and secular thinking is the one that is characterized as modernity. The cornerstone of the modern thought is the self-being of an individual that stretched out what is and what ought to

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