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We are living in a constantly growing technological age where we are almost never disconnected from friends, family, and society. Is this effecting us differently from the old days when we did not have smart watches, cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. things that we can literally take everywhere with us and always be connected to the world wide web and everything it has to offer to us. Even though it has many perks, this social media driven age can also hurt us. Social media can often be the gateway to productivity, but it can also be a negative thing that we lean on to either get away from our lives, or seek approval. I have read two arguments regarding the issue, the argument written by Karen Hua which is the yes argument saying that social…show more content…
Marche is a journalist at The Atlantic, and talks about how social media is causing many of us to be lonely and less likely to interact with people in person and also create a mental or physical illness. He uses the example of facebook and how that in some ways it was designed to make us lonely. The movie The Social Network that was based on Mark Zuckerberg and how he created facebook and it shows how stuck we get on social media. An example of this from the movie was when Mark sent a friend request to his ex-girlfriend and then stared at the screen waiting for an accept or deny. He also waited there waiting for friends request. This waiting makes you anxious and it is found that it is bad for your health, which can also interfere with the friendships you already have. Marche then goes on to talk about some of the problems that can occur from this loneliness which include obesity, lack of exercise, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, memory loss, depression, oversleeping, dementia, and cognitive decline (34). So many of these conditions can not only mess with our personal lives, but also our professional. Although social media is what you make of it, many people often have difficulty stepping away

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