Personal Narrative: The Story Of A Car Accident

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Death is around the corner of every situation, what you decide to do and how the universe reacts around you will determine your next breath. About a year ago I was involved in a car accident that should have left me buried in the ground. I’m not here to complain, and tell you that your supposed to shelter yourself from life, but instead you must savor every second that passes. You could face a turn in your life that is too sharp to stay on track, just make sure you’re going the right speed. The accident occurred in my hometown while I was my friend’s car. We had both coincidentally finished a double shift at our separate jobs, and were exhausted. I unfortunately did not have my license at the time, but this wasn’t my first time behind the wheel, as a matter of fact I…show more content…
From the start of the turn to getting out of the car and seeing the damage, viewing that moment pass by was gut wrenching. In a sequence, I remember seeing the turn, the speedometer, and finally the dastard telephone pole set directly in front of us. I looked over at my best friend at the moment of impact and was pounded by the airbag that sprung so quickly I hadn’t known what had hit me. Post impact I looked down and saw the airbag I panicked and tried to exit the vehicle but the door was jammed so I put my entire adrenaline-fueled strength into opening the door but when I went to stand up the car began rolling backwards and I was caught in between the door and the seat as my elongated body was dragged from the top of the hill into the bottom of a ditch with the wheel inches away from rolling over my foot. As I got up and took a look at the car I was in complete shock. I had no idea how to react, how to feel, what to say. It wasn’t even my car. The only thing I thought when I noticed the split right up the middle of the telephone pole was how both my friend and I were still

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