Persuasive Essay About Rumors

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What is a rumor? How can we know the difference between a rumor, gossip or fake news? Are they all similar in a way or are they all lies? Can we prevent rumors from spreading or are they just a part of our daily lives? “Rumors are unverified bits of information that are in circulation among people who are trying to figure out or make sense of an unclear or ambiguous situation (Interview with Nicholas DiFonzo).” People deal with rumors throughout their whole life’s from school to at work. Just take a look at the past presidential election, some people theorize that the rumors that were going around played a big role in the outcome. There are multiple reasons as to why rumors are spread, one of which is to figure out information. Someone can start a rumor based on information that they have gathered to see if what they know is true. They do it in hopes of the actual…show more content…
Emotions are a powerful thing, they tell us when we are feeling scared or happy. Rumors most of the time are spread if there is high emotions whether good or bad. People are more likely to spread a rumor about the company they work for is downsizing then the president decreasing taxes. This is because of the higher emotion there is in one rumor contrary to the other. To add to that, rumors are most likely to get spread if there something negative surrounding it, whether that is death, fear or anxiety or something else. Rumors most of the time are spread because of the fear or anxiety we feel. “Rumors that involve negative outcomes tend to start and spread more easily than the ones that involve positive outcomes (Singal).” That is because rumors are mostly fear driven and we are program to be fear driven. This is a big reason as to why when there is rumors out there, a lot of them tend to be negative. It is not because there is no positive rumors, its just the negative ones stand out a lot more than the positive

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