Personal Interview In Gandhi

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1. WAT topic: Gandhi is still relevant in India: (15 min. time) 2. GD topic: same…..It was followed by WAT (13.5 min time) My stand: Following Gandhian policies will not curb criminal and terrorist activities…….Overall I was against Gandhi and advocated strict action against delinquents. 3. Personal Interview: Two professors P1: Silent, cool and polite 50+ P2: Aggressive and strict. Me: …….. Here it begins………. I entered the room Me: may I come in sir P1: Yes please have a seat. I gave my interview form to him p2 P1: ok so you are a mech. Engineer Me: yes sir P1: Relate your Mech. Engineering with the ABM program you have applied for Me: sir, actually I got a mail from PGP office that if you want to opt out of ABM interview then you…show more content…
Me: sir I have been going through the basics and the cases which I already said. P2: so you are through with the basics. Then tell me what the difference between currency depreciation and devaluation is. Me: (technically both are same only, but I still answered his question(did a mistake by attempting to answer, what is the difference?).. sir when a currency falls in exchange rate it is called depreciation and when the purchasing power of a currency goes down then it is devaluation. P1 and p2 both were smiling P2: no both are same (then why did he asked the difference) P2: ok you are well prepared with that cases and basics just because ‘you have prepared for the interview’ Me: sir that was not for the interview. But because I wanted to explore those cases. Apart from the cases I know about BOP, PPP, bitcoins etc. P2: You are a mech. Engineer and you know about BOP. That is in no way concerned with the part of your syllabus. And that means that you know about these terms only because you have prepared for the interview. Me: sir actually I was very eager to explore those cases and when I started exploring them I came across various terms which I found interesting. So I learnt them also in
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