Addiction To Social Media Addiction

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This project investigates the problems and solutions that can treat the people who are addicting in social media and any other addicting sites to become the people who can balance themselves between daily life and social medias. Social media can create a new kind of communication in the social world by providing the real-time communication, the global communication, and comfortable platforms to use with their social media. Therefore, it is easy to be addicted to social media due to those factors. By examining the data, there are around 2.67 billion users [1] that used the social media including Facebook, Twitter and etc and this statistic also represents around 35.6 percent of all people around the world who use social media. There is some…show more content…
Nowadays, Technology has been developed all the time, especially a smartphone. A Smartphone is one essential factor for living, it can accesses to many useful resources, information and even chatting with other people. Because of it is easy to use, it made more convenient for people to communicate with other and it generates many applications that allow user to chatting, sharing the photos or information and it called “Social Media”. Social media is a community that contains more functional, more flexible and faster for people to communicate with the other. With all convenient functionalities that is easy to lure people come to use social media and become to social media addicted. According to [3], The statistic on the website mentioned that the average time that people spend their time on social media is 118 minutes per day and this number is increasing every year. However, there are several ways to cure the social media addicted…show more content…
First, the group has decided to analyze all three solutions by their advantage and their disadvantage, it should be clear that: No matter, which method is the best way to solve the problem but they must choose appropriately. For example, if they use limit the access software method for avoiding this problem some case will works but some case they have to use their social media for work, such as Human resource or IT consultant they must spending many times to surfing the internet for finding a customer. Hence, this method is inappropriate for some situations. On the other hand, the good point of use limit the access software is the people cannot access the internet if they are reaching the time limit then they will have remaining time and use it with people around them. For limit access time method is similarly with the first method but this method came from inside of people. The good point of this method, the people will practice themselves to create the disciplines. In contrast, this method will not appropriate with some situation, such as if the people uses a clock, it will easier to increase time limit because no one controls them. The last method for fix this problem is family therapy, it is quite good method for fix the problem because the people can get the threatment from family that is a person who closet to you and they have a many reliability then user can use their remaining time to interact with family or exercise with people

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