Social Learning Theory

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My definition of social learning is a concept that individuals pick up by watching what others do and another name for the social learning theory is Social Cognitive Theory. Social learning arises from the work of N. E. Miller and J. Dollard in 1941. Their theory proposed that if people were influenced to absorb a specific conduct that distinct behavior would be attained through understanding information. Also by copying these observed behavior the specific person would strengthen that absorbed action. The individual would also be satisfied with indisputable support. For example, if a little girl that is five years old sees her older sister bring home a report card with outstanding grades and she gets a gift or prize for it, the little girl will easily figure out that…show more content…
This clearly explains why criminals commit crimes without using the word criminal in her list of the main principles. This is because some of her principles are used by teachers and counselors in a positive way as well as criminals use it in a negative way. This theory produces information on obtaining, maintaining, and modifying criminal and abnormal conduct, swayed by social and non-social, and sometimes racial reasons that operate to inspire and achieve criminal conduct. Because of this, intervention strategies were used. Authorities, agencies, and experts used this strategy because it is accountable for the management of criminal conduct and the operation of criminal justice in the community. Social learning does have problems like any other theory. It stems from disregarding the fact that people can select the party they want to try and become a part of. An example of this is:

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