Personal Narrative: Growing Up In A Foster Home

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Growing up in New York was very depressing. I was put in a foster home when I was 5 years old with my sisters and brother and we all got sent to different home. After a year later, my sister and brother got adopted by a wonder family, but me and my two other sisters were stuck in hell. Since my little brother and sister got adopted I never got to see them again so now we don’t know nothing about them. My mother who was a drug addict didn’t care for us for nothing, she wouldn’t call to see how we doing or fight for us. The only person that cared was my dad. He fought for us even though it wasn’t my other sisters dad, but he loved us and tried his best to makes us happy. But sadly he fought and lost and we were all upset then never saw him again.…show more content…
My foster mom was really mean and didn’t like me, she would always get me in trouble for anything so I knew she hated me. One day I meet a wonder man who I fell in love with. He helped me with my ups and downs with my foster parents and I would run away. I would always go to school crying because I was hurt by the things that my parents say to me. I never wanted to go home I would always stay at my boyfriends house but my foster parents never knew they thought it was my friends house I would stay at so they would always call the cops on my friend when I was really at my boyfriends but I got caught in the street with my boyfriend. They meet him and liked him, but a few days later they hated him because he looked like a gang banger and thought wrong that he would do something to the family. I never could be with him anymore because they wouldn’t like me with him they would always tell me to find someone better that has good money but I didn’t listen. The man that I was with wasn’t like my parents thought he was. He was a very blessing man and would help me with my clothes for school shoes and be there for me when I needed someone. No one never did those things for me only him my foster didn’t care about me so she never gave me money or took me

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