Jacobellis V Larry's Argument Essay

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For decades pornography has been a prevalent controversial topic. There have been several Supreme Court cases involving pornography, such as; Butler v. State of Michigan (1957), Roth v U.S. (1957), Jacobellis v. Ohio (1964), and Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union (1997). Each Supreme Court case involves some form of pornography. Butler v State of Michigan was about Michigan convicting Butler for selling an adult “obscene” book that could corrupt the morals of minors, Roth v U.S. stated obscenity was not a protected form of expression and could be restricted in states, Jacobellis v Ohio was about whether Ohio could ban the showing of the film “The Lovers” which the state deemed obscene, and Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union was about…show more content…
In the article Censorship and the Fear of Sexuality by Marty Klein he discusses the fear of our own sexuality and how this is projected onto others, for instance, children. He states “kids learn to hide, deny, repress, and distort their sexuality” because of adult figures. In the movie “The People v Larry Flynt” Larry says, “I think the real obscenity comes from raising our youth to believe sex is bad and ugly and dirty”. The movie and Klein’s theory create an image that denying kids their freedom of sexuality could corrupt a child instead of “obscene” images corrupting…show more content…
In class we briefly discussed the history of religion and that the Puritans were the first settlers and from their teachings we can conclude that sex was not intended for pleasure but for procreation. Klein writes that the anxiety associated with sexuality is reinforced by churches and other organizations; they thrive on “being able” to take the anxiety of sexuality away. He states “the church creates sin, then offers salvation”. Perhaps pornography is associated with religion because it goes against religious teaching, our religious background as a country, and what generations have preached. In the movie “The People v Larry Flynt” religion was very prominent. In the movie Larry wanted to mix pornography with religion. Larry’s business partners were not supportive because they claimed no one wanted their pornography and religion mixed together. But perhaps pornography and religion are already mixed and that is why some people view it negatively? People’s negative perspectives on pornography are not wrong; but what is wrong is the repression of those who have a positive viewpoint on pornography. In Klein’s article he elaborates on David Steinberg’s point that most people limit how much they show public affection out of “respect” for those uncomfortable with it. People who are unaffectionate are the ones that set the standards. In the movie “The People v Larry Flynt” this theme is also present. At the trial it was brought

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