Social Learning Theory

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As I get older I began to notice that I have certain expectations and standards for jobs. This is not always a good thing because my high expectations are often not met. All during undergrad I was rushing to complete it on time so that I was able to go out into the "adult world" after college as what most people expect college graduates to do. Luckily I was able to find a job a month after I graduate as a corrections officer, not knowing what I was getting myself into. This job is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. The mental and emotionally part is one thing I know I can manage but the physical part I know will take a toll on my body. First, you had to complete a physical ability test in order to receive an interview. After you…show more content…
This job requires a lot of observing and learning from the officers that train you. You spend about 500 hours shadowing and observing how the facility operates, what the rules and regulations are and how dormitories are run. 1.Attentional process - individuals will only learn from a model when they understand the importance of it. To be honest, I've only gave my full attention to the information I was excited about or had questions for. Although I have retained quite a bit of information, there are spots that I could have paid attention to more. 2. Retention process- A student is only as good as its teacher. How well a teacher may train their student depends on how important or attractive the information given was. We go through several hours of training for one job and learn various types of information. This can range from what items you carry in your bag to what to do if an inmate escapes. I have remembered a significant amount of information for the reason of being able to apply it. I was put in some type of situation that that required me to remember what my field officer told me or my instructors taught

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