Procrastination Speech

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The clock is ticking; time is becoming of the essence. With each thump, you feel your heart rate accelerate. A cold sweat breaks out across your forehead, causing both hands to curl into tight fists. Thoughts race through your mind. Will I ever get this done? What am I doing? Why can’t I get started? Flustered from the turmoil brewing inside, the clock yet again calls your attention. One hour left. Seemingly enough time to finish the assignment that had been given to you almost a week ago. For some reason doing it now seems like one of the toughest obstacles you’ve had to face in a while. Coming up with an extensive list in your mind, you think of numerous things you’d rather be doing. Many procrastinators find themselves stuck in scenarios such as this one. Although tricky to deal with, procrastination is an extremely complex thing that might just have its benefits. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines procrastination as deliberately…show more content…
Yet, many don’t realize the positive effect that it can occasionally bring. Learning to deal with procrastination can help strengthen certain skills such as the ability to adapt. Most of the time it can seem like procrastination only brings stress and anxiety, but sometimes it can put people into action. For example, a looming deadline can give someone enough incentive to complete the task at hand; Perhaps making it pass quicker than it otherwise would have. Instead of considering procrastination as a huge problem, a habit that needs to be broken, or a hardwired part of the personality, think of it as a red flag-- a sign that the task at hand would be beneficial to finish. Taking the initiative to start a seemingly unattainable goal can provide someone with the motivation to go above and beyond. Granted it will take a little more encouragement than necessary, but in the end, the outcome might just make it all

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