The Lathe Family

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Lathe Family Case Study The following is a case study of the Lathe family who are experiencing co-occurring traumas that is affecting how the family function as a unit. Another staff member compiled the information used to complete this assessment with the assistance of mental health professionals, health care providers, court system personnel, and educators. Based on the information given, the Lathe children are not receiving the minimum requirements needed for care resulting in health and safety issues falling under the classification of moderate neglect. Reviewing the severity of neglect will assist the social worker in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the family to not only include the parent’s role but to assess the environmental and societal variables that contribute to the Lathe’s family current situation. The information supplied by the previous social worker indicated the Lathe family possess several risk factors to include, the children’s behaviors, mental and physical health concerns with several family members, substance abuse among several family member, family relationship conflict, social isolation, acute life stressors, poverty, and lack of adequate supervision. Walsh (2002) states, “Using a stress diathesis model, problems are seen as resulting from an interaction of individual and family…show more content…
In meeting, the family were they are, the social worker will recognize the worth of each family member regardless of the circumstances and foster human dignity and self-respect, being able to provide services without ridicule. The relationship between the Lathe family and the social worker must be one of trust, with the knowledge to accept differences, having the ability to be empathetic, and

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