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What are your definitions of a wild child? Thinking of Tarzan perhaps? “Feral” in Latin means wild child. Today I would be discussing on the topic of feral children. A feral child is defined as a human child who has lived in total or near-total isolation from human contact and/or human civilization for a significant period of their lives. It is important to note that because of their lack of contact with people, they also lack an understanding of human behavior, human civility and human language, hence the term ‘feral’. Therefore my purpose today is to inform my audience about the existence of feral children, and that they can be categorized into two broad groups. With this in mind, I would now proceed on to the first group, which are children…show more content…
They are children who were raised by animals for a period of their lives and really embrace the animal behaviors and traits. One of the oldest cases known was the case of Kamala and Amala, two girls who were found living with wolves in India. It was documented in 1920, where according to the article entitled “Daughters of the Wild: The Feral and Human Perspective” by the Morningside Review, Reverend J. A. L Singh found them lying amidst a pack of wolves. Singh brought the girls back to civilization to an orphanage where they were given the names Amala and Kamala. Amala was about one and a half years old, and Kamala was about eight. Singh recorded his observations in a diary. In his book “Wolf-children and feral man”, he noted that they displayed wolf like behaviors, they walked on all fours, howled at the moon during the nights and ripped any clothing placed on them. They spoke no words and distanced themselves away from humans. Their physical abilities also changed, they were found to have heightened sensory systems such as sight, hearing and smells and their tendons and ligaments in their limbs were shortened. Their diet was restricted to milk and raw

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