I Want To Become A Cop

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“Why would you want to become a police officer?” “Cops are stupid. I hate cops.” “You can do so much better with your life.” Those are just some of the things I have heard when I tell people I want to become a police officer. From the time I was 10 years old I have known that I have wanted to become a police officer. Friends, teachers and family members have all said rude things to me about becoming a police officer. A family member said “Why would you want to become a cop? They are all dicks.” It just makes me so angry when people say stuff like that about cops. Cops aren’t dicks, they are extremely nice people. The family member that said this to me had just got pulled over a couple days before this. That cop that she called a dick was because they pulled her over for speeding, is doing their job. Cops are doing their job which is to insure the safety of people and…show more content…
If someone gets pulled over and gets a ticket it’s their fault, they were doing something wrong. Don’t blame the cop for the ticket you got. Stop looking for someone else to blame, own up to what you did. A teacher asked me “If I wanted to become a cop just so I could shoot people and pull people over.” No I don’t want to become a police officer to shot and pull people over. Police officers don’t go to work every day hoping to kill people. They hate pulling out their gun. Police officer only pull out their guns when their life is in danger, they are protecting themselves when they pull the trigger. I want to become a police officer to protect people who can’t protect themselves. Police officers are just like any normal person. Cops get up every day and go to work. The thing they do differently is wear a uniform, badge and carry a gun. If you take away the uniform, badge and the gun there is a human being with a family just like you and me. Police officers are willing to sacrifices their own life to save somebody they don’t even
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