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Bandura (1986) believes, that individuals possess a self-system that enables them to exercise a measure of control over their thoughts, feeling, and actions. “This self-system includes the abilities to symbolize, learn from others, plan alternative strategies, regulate one’s own behavior, and engage in self-reflection” (Ajzen, 2002). The tenets of self-efficacy theory, as the specific area of social cognitive theory has come to be called, have been tested in varied disciplines and setting and have received support from a growing body of finding from diverse (Bandura, 1986). Ajzen (2002) asserts, The theory of planned behavior has come out as one of the most influential and popular conceptual framework for study of human action. According to the theory, human behavior is guided by 3 kinds of considerations: belief about likely consequences or other…show more content…
He selected 20 English native speakers who have been living in Turkey for long time, and their accent is nativelikeness. They were been asked to read a few Turkish text which were recorded, and follow up interviews were conducted with 4 of the participants. The result of this study constitute an attempt to demonstrate the role that perceptions of cultural identity play in accent and pronunciation of a learned foreign language. Social and professional identity of English language teachers and their impacts on students’ learning. It has been done by Nazanin Ravanbod in 2012. In this study several questions and portfolios are prepared and designed based on literature to help portray these identities. A total of 40 English teachers and 300 students are interviewed, audio-taped, and given a questionnaire to fill out. The finding of this study indicate that English language teachers’ perceived to have high social and professional identity which have shown different in language institutes and in public

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