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Bell hooks: a pedagogy of hope Introduction Bell hooks is a soldier who fights in many wars that has plagued the universe. As an American author, feminist and social activist bell hooks has been able to stand on a platform which she has created to assimilate the world with a simple word expressed so many times throughout the movie Braveheart: Freedom. Freedom from what exactly? According to Webster’s dictionary, the definition of freedom is liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another. Bell hooks is promoting freedom from conformity in all areas of life. Cultural freedom, sexual freedom, gender freedom, economic and social freedom, and educational freedom. Bell hooks is encouraging people to be free to be. Free to exist…show more content…
Teaching can happen anywhere at anytime in churches, barber shops and in homes. Places where people get together to share ideas thata affect daily lives. Hooks talks about the stuggles the occur to end racism and white supremacy and how racism is a learned behavior. She encourages the relationship between the teacher and student to be an amicable nature rather than an oppressive battlefield. For hooks, when teachers use power over their students it isolates and dehumanizes us as it hampers our ability to exercise the imagination as a vehicle of compassion and emancipation . In Teaching Community, hooks spesks about how imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy oppresses Americas culture. She inspires teachers should use the classroom to make the students aware of social injustices, racial and gender prejudices because without these discussions racist attitudes and behaviors would go unchallenged. Hooks also challenges the emotional detachment a teacher must have for their pupils by saying that teachers should in fact teach with love. By teaching with your heart you see connect with the student and not their test results. You become a part of their community. Hooks says that “home was the place where I was forced to conform to someone else’s image of who I am and what I should be. School was the place where I could forget that self and through ideas ,reinvent myself”. Hooks is vying for readers to understand how eminent the classroom is to the molding of the student- no matter what age. To this day bell hooks is fighting on the frontlines of that battle for a democratic

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