True Colors: Video Analysis

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I didn't think about the ways in which being a White identified person provides me with a different experience than a Person Of Color before watching the video, "True Colors". The video, "True Colors", allowed me to see a visual representation of how the world in which we live operates differently based on different locations as well as a variety of intersectional parts of a person's identity. The first example I want to highlight is when John was looking for a vehicle and the salesperson helped him right away. This example stuck out to me because the salesperson ignored another customer who was a person of color. I want to point out the car salesman was a person of color as well. I am having a hard time understanding why the salesperson ignored a customer. Especially, a customer…show more content…
Jon and his friend who was also part of the social experiment went looking for a place to live and they both looked at the same apartment complexes. One of the differences that I noticed between their experiences was when John was given a Master key by the manager to view an apartment that was vacant. I thought the amount of trust that the manager showed only after meeting John not too long ago was surprising. The manager is trusting someone with a master key that could get a person into any of the other apartments or rooms on the property and he doesn't offer to give John a tour of the building or even show him the apartment. I want to address some heading from the reading for this particular unit. The first heading is: Words Are Not Enough.(Heroes, p.110)] I want to see change occur. I think one of the most powerful ways in which issues related to privilege and oppression can be expressed and talked about by people sharing their personal narratives. Through hearing those narratives, my perspective changes and I become more aware of how my own identity coincides with privilege and

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