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The Sunflower Sentence A magnificent mortal, named Heliana, once inhabited Kípos, located in a remote region of North America. She had never met another human being, and had no recollection of ever having a family. The only living creatures within hundreds of miles were insects and birds, but one bird particular came each day, a hawk. The hawk was Apollo, who had noticed Heliana when she was a baby. Apollo nurtured Helaina because she was the mortal image of himself; she had fiery red hair like the burning sun, and golden eyes that glittered as brightly as Apollo’s golden bow. In the form of a hawk he wove a tremendous nest in an open field consisting of twigs, leaves, and blades of grass; Apollo picked up baby Heliana, placed her in the nest to keep her from crawling away, and flew off.…show more content…
He always ensured that she was protected and provided all items essential to life. As a child Heliana relied on the hawk, but as she grew older she developed her own sense of survival, although Apollo continued to watch over her and lead her she no longer acknowledged

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