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The works of Rita Dove’s “Daystar” describes a woman who is both a mother and a wife and expresses her exhaustion by her daily tasks. The poem is set during a moment of rest for a mother while the children nap. Dove measures the tone by focusing on the mother’s internal struggles regarding her daily activities, which inherits a lack of freedom in her world. The title “Daystar” can interpret as a performer, such as a musician or actor. The word sharply binds well with the woman who plays double roles and must perform as a mother and a wife. Rita Dove uses an imagery to express the exhausted life about a woman and her day as a mother and wife. The woman portrays the typical stay-at-home mom, presumably while her husband works. In the third line, Dove writes: “a doll slumped behind the door” (Dove l. 3).…show more content…
The imagery draws a picture of a woman wilting without strength left in her. The image supports the fourth and fifth line when Dove writes: “So she lugged a chair behind the garage / to sit out the children’s naps” (Dove l. 4-5).The writings express her lack of strength behind the task, probably from fatigue. Dove presents this in the second line: “but she saw diapers steaming on the line,” (Dove l. 2). Dove is highlighting the woman’s repetitive and laborious child-care duties such as changing diapers. In the second stanza, the poem shifts into a gloomier, grim tone. Dove

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