Argumentative Essay On Factory Farms

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Factory Farms tend to overlook animals as products rather than sentient beings with unique features. The industrial process used in Factory farms helps maximize faster and easier production by drugging, confining and torturing animals. states that about “97% of 10 billion animals tortured and killed each year are farm animals (Factory Farming, LCA)” Some of the nation's largest food industries has taken advantage of brutal slaughter of livestock, and ignore the institutionalized animal cruelty, and health dangers of their actions. Food distributors need to adopts new policies not only to prevent animal cruelty in farms , but to ensure the products they sell won’t cause their consumers any disease or illnesses. The reason for confining, drugging, and the birth of more offsprings is to generate a mass production of goods. Feeding animals remains of other animals, and keeping them in a…show more content…
Factory farms cram thousands of animals into wire cages and metal crates, with few sun, fresh air and have to inhale ammonia all day. Some chickens have actually become aggressive due to overcrowdedness, that their toes and beaks are cut off from anesthetics. By squeezing animals into tiny spaces, these companies believe they are minimizing costs. These profit driven companies have disregarded animal health and welfare but instead view efficiency and profit more important. To these million dollar companies, these animals are looked at as units of production rather than those who provide us with nutrients and add to soil fertility. These confined cages with thousands of other animals have caused shortening of their lifespan and a chance of developing bacterial infections. Some may not care or agree with the degree of treatment animals face in factory farms, but should understand the effect it has on the cleanliness and health of food they sell to food

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