Social Contract Case Study

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European History 1112, (WEB) Midterm Exam, Spring 2017 20 points Dr. Drakatos Name: James Oiler I. Answer the following 4 questions in essay form. a. How does Locke’s notion of a social contract compare with that of Hobbes.(4 points) The theory of the social contract is where individual members of a society cooperate, and often give up individual freedoms, for the benefit of the general will, or greater good. The social contract divides the power between the government and the society to benefit the general will. With the social contract, a strong point of debate is over where exactly the division of power lies between government and the society. Philosopher Thomas Hobbes believed a total monarchy is the best option for the general will…show more content…
For Malthus, how Nature check the happiness of human society? What are his assumptions regarding food supply and demography? (4 points) According to English cleric and scholar, Reverend Thomas Malthus, the growth of the population was greater than the growth of available food. If both rates of growth remained constant, we would reach a point where there wouldn’t be enough food supply to sustain the population. Because production of food can’t keep up with the growing rate of population forever, Malthus believed strong checks on population growth are necessary in order to survive. Malthus assumed that population growth is linked to food supply, when the food supply increases, population increases. Malthus stated that natural destructive actions such as war, natural disasters, and diseases are necessary to control population. Malthus was the first to propose the necessary destructive actions as a theory of…show more content…
Although England’s economic status was improved by the greater production, society as whole was negatively impacted. Workers were forced to perform in horrible working conditions. Famous English writer, Charles Dickens, believed that the horrible working conditions at the time stifled the creative nature of people. Most of the workers at the time were young men and children; Dickens believed it was more important for these young men to develop their minds and gain knowledge then it was to work in factories like machines. Michael Thomas Sadler was a Member of Parliament during the Industrial Revolution. Sadler conducted an investigation of child labor and put his findings in the Report of the Select Committee on Factory Children’s Labour, also known as the Sadler Report. According to the report, child workers, as young as eight, were physically and mentally abused by employers. Children were constantly beaten, starved, and sleep deprived in the unregulated factories. d. Discuss the nature of the revolutionary movement in Greece. Describe the reasons why European leaders supported this revolutionary movement in light of the conservative principles espoused by the Congress of Vienna. (7

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