Adventurous Trip

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It was an early morning and I was feeling very adventurous. Something was in me that made me want to go outside and go somewhere. So I got ready, packed my backpack, and started to walk to go somewhere. I wanted to go to this hiking trail that I saw on the internet that leads all the way up to something mysterious. The internet people have been telling it’s something they never saw before. I kept asking them what it was but they never told me. It made me kind of curious because people would usually post on the internet about what it is but I guess not for this “mysterious thing.” This adventurous trip I’m going on is like I’m in a movie trying to find something unknown.(simile) I had all the essentials I needed for a hike. My backpack was…show more content…
It wasn’t steep. I got to the bottom and started to walk home. My legs felt pretty good now. It was about four in the afternoon. As I was walking I saw this thing out of the corner of my eye that was really bright and cool looking. I started to walk towards it crossing the streets until I made it. It was this museum sort of thing that had pieces of art of all kind everywhere. The place was free of charge. It was outdoors. I walked around the place looking at all the art people made. The museum place was pretty big. It took up almost a half of a street. I went to look at the one that brought me here. It was this art piece that very shiny. It had yellow and gold pieces. It looked like what was in the chest but much better. It was an ancient one. The artist who made this was one I didn’t recognize. It read Correggio which I never heard of. The artist made this from 1501. I was really confused how the people got this kind of art piece from five hundred years ago. I asked one of the staff there and they said that they got this from buying it from an ancient art place. It costed about $15000. That is quite a bit of money. I went back and didn’t want to do anything except look at it. If I did something to it, I would be having to pay a whole year worths of money. After I looked around at the other paintings I started to go back home. It was getting dark soon and I knew I had to be home or I’ ll be walking in the dark. So I started running home and was safely home. I knew that going out and doing something adventurous would lead me to something pretty
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