My Wonderful Experience

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My life at La Salle has been a wonderful experience and I’m going to tell you why.. To start, I want to say that I didn’t enjoy elementary school. I was very shy and didn’t have any real friends, it was a very difficult time for me because I felt alone and like, I didn’t fit in. I was constantly mock or take advantage of, so when I finished elementary school I felt so excited for high school because I hoped it to be better and happier for me. And I wasn’t disappointed, as soon as my first day of high school I felt a whole different environment, of course it took me some time to adapt because I still was shy and self-conscious, that doesn’t disappear in a day, but overall for the first time in my life I felt that people liked me for who I was,…show more content…
10th grade was a rollercoaster of emotions I was involved in a lot of drama. I had my first boyfriend in this year and honestly since then I don’t want to know anything about boyfriends I feel good with myself and I don’t need nobody else, this experience marked me for goo, life gave me a lot of lessons, I learned how bad a lie can be and to put my well-being first above everything else. My generation had a bunch of problems this year, we were a disaster, we lost a lot of classmates and it made me sad because despite all the problems I do love my generation a lot. And of course I could not mention it I became president of the student council in 10th grade and it was the best moment of my whole life at La Salle, my campaign was full of fun, love and support from all my friends and I felt so blessed to be given that opportunity and to be surrounded of people that believed in me. Lastly, 11th grade has been amazing and I don’t want it to end, everything from fulfilling my position as president to participating in a bunch of activities such as dancing in lasallian week, modeling in the La Salle fashion show, participating in the corn fair and many more had been such a blast, this last weeks that are left I want to live them to the fullest but honestly I don’t want this period of my life to end. High school has been the best years of my life and I’m grateful for all the friends I made, the people I met and the teachers that I

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