The Ethical Theories Of Photo Manipulation

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follow the right purpose, do good things and avoid evil doings. The ethical consideration here is that Rudy just followed the companies rules. He needed to do it to get the salary for his final payment in the school. Because of that he was able to graduate and made his parents proud of him. If we look in further to this case only Mar’s side is in pain. In the overall happenings, pleasure is more than the pain because the company was happy at Rudy and also his parents. This is accordance to utilitarianism. For us to be able to answer briefly the question that was asked we must first understand what are the ethical considerations of photo manipulation. There are theories of Normative ethics that can help us answer our questions. First theory…show more content…
Photo manipulating Natasha’s stills is considered ethically good according to Jeremy Bentham’s study about utilitarianism, where actions are morally permissible if and only if they produce at least as much net happiness than sufferings. In our case, by photo manipulation the company produces better and more convincing advertisement to customers which would lead to better sales and satisfactions to the company, by which the stockholders down to each employees would efficiently benefit. Though manipulating Natasha’s stills might harm her in several ways such as bullying and self shame through social medias and the like but then she signed a contract wherein she gave the company full control and consent over her images. The action of photo manipulation brings more happiness for more people and maximizes utility of what's valuable in the process of possibly sacrificing the model. The act of doing photo manipulation increases the company’s customers, income and it helps the business grow through of the good quality photo that the photo editor had made. In our case photo manipulation is ethical based in utilitarianism theory because it gets more pleasure over pain. If we put ourselves in the shoe of the model maybe we could say that it is not ethical because the editor change the photo but we cannot do a thing because of the fact that we signed a contract that we allow them to edit our photo. But if the model haven’t signed a contract of her consent that would make it unethical because the model would feel that he or she is not good enough or beautiful. Why need a photo manipulation if he or she is beautiful and handsome? Back at our given case the model agreed that her photo will be edited so that the photo will be enhance

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