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Essay #2 Argument A corrupt city, a war zone, the murder capital of the United States, welcome to my city Chicago, also known as chiraq. Living in Chicago is like living in a war in Iraq, because there’s over more than forty people dying a month in the city. In this essay I am criticizing the merit of the film because of the fallacious throughout the film. By watching the film and reading Lysistrata I don’t think that was an appropriate way of stopping gun violence. I also think the film present biases regarding to sex, and power dynamics. The representation of how they made the film to compare it to the real Chicago in what goes on daily, and why it’s happening were not accurate throughout the film. The film Chiraq made it seem like Chicago is a big joke, like when they had the actress Nick Cannon and his followers shooting in air, or the scene when all the men came to the gym to see why the women was doing what Lysistrata was telling them to do, and that was persuading other frustrated women to abstain from sex until their men agree to end the senseless cycle of violence. In…show more content…
People don’t waste there bullets in the air, they really shot people in my city. I think if spike would have made the more realistic by giving a real reason of what would make the gun violence stop. He could have gave all the men some real jobs or by taking away important reliable items from the men. Maybe just putting them to work would make them stop the violence. These Chicago men are crazy, they out here killing kids and you think they care about some women that don’t want to have sex with just don’t make sense. It’s the fact that Spike Lee used our city as of a way to show that some pussy will calm a nigga

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