Public Procurement Case Study

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background These days, every organization wants to obtain goods and services in order to carry out its mission and goals. Besides, in an ever more multifaceted business environment, public institutions such as Social Security and National Insurance (SSNIT) are insistently observing for innovative means to remain practical. According to Davis (1993) supply chain management could help give a sustainable competitive benefit by improving product performance and service while simultaneously reducing cost. Additionally, procurement decisions relatively affect a large part of public institutions total costs, not only in terms of direct acquisition costs but also regarding indirect costs in the areas of inventory management,…show more content…
Nevertheless, quite a few allegations relating to wrongdoings in procurement processes seems to have been leveled against organizations and other stakeholders during the current sitting of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) involved directly or indirectly in procurement. In addition, these accusations consist of ineptitude, weakness in procurement owing to extended procurement procedures, lofty cost of projects, absence of fair-mindedness, along with inflating contract…show more content…
(iv) What are the procurement challenges on project implementation delays at SSNIT? 1.4 Objectives The main objective of this study was to examine the impact of procurement challenges on project implementation delays Ghana: using the data on SSNIT Head Office, Accra as a case study. Specifically, the study seeks to: (i) Examine the procurement Act practices at SSNIT. (ii) Find out the foremost reasons of delay in project implementation. (iii) Examine the impact of the delay in project implementation. (iv) Identify the procurement challenges on project implementation delays at SSNIT. 1.5 Scope of work/ delimitations Numerous are organizations ranging from small-medium-large organizations in Ghana that compete every day in securing procurement related contracts or projects. The primary nucleus here was on impact of procurement challenges on project implementation delays Ghana. Of the vast number of organizations in Ghana, the focus was on SSNIT Head Office, Accra, which is a public sector institution. This was because of its strategic position in terms of convenience to researcher in data collection and gathering of

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