Diary Summary: The White Man's Rose, And Thilippines

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June 13, 1897 my room Dear diary, Today, the editor of The Times came by and asked me to write a poem for the celebration of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. What should I write? I think an ode would be suitable since we’re celebrating the Queen’s 60 years of long reign. June 22, 1897 my garden Dear diary, Today was the celebration of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, and I’m not sure about renaming “The White Man’s Burden” to “Recessional”. I submitted it to The Times a few days ago. But because of some circumstances, sticking with “Recessional” would be a better choice. I actually looked at the middle page of The Times today. Seeing my poem in there makes me feel happy even though at first I was feeling a little indecisive about the content…show more content…
I think this will encourage the Americans to engage better in imperialism, and I think it should be a duty to spread their huge advancement and better way of living with the rest of the world. February 5, 1899 my backyard Dear…show more content…
When I bought a copy of McClure’s Magazine today, I knew I was right. Colonization are necessary, it is an expectation and even a duty of a white man and I think writing this poem actually shows a very great conveyance of feelings. Hopefully, this message will be brought out to the Americans. I can’t wait to hear their responses! February 10, 1899 my garden Dear diary, I came across a lot of interesting commentaries about “The White Man’s Burden” from different people that have similar cultures but different backgrounds, mainly from the Americans. I found that after writing this poem, many of the Americans who supported the idea of an American Empire look at my poem as it is a justification of the rightness of a non-white nation getting suppressed by a white nation. These people who have read my poem decided to give me a title and said I was racist. March 1, 1899 my room Dear

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