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Pacemaker Science Research What is a Pacemaker? A pacemaker is a small electronic device which controls abnormal heart beating rhythms by sending electronic pulses to the heart so it can beat normally. What is the problem? Pacemakers are made to battle Arrhythmias. Arrhythmias is also known as an irregular heartbeat, this is when your heart contracts too fast, too slow or in an irregular pattern. Arrhythmias can be caused by a heart attack, high blood pressure or smoking. Arrhythmias can also take place in a normal heart with no previous or current complications. The heart is therefore not pumping blood around the body at the necessary rate. This can cause fatigue and breathlessness; this is due to the muscles in your body not getting enough oxygen. In some serious cases of Arrhythmias, the vital organs may be damaged and can cause death. Your body has its own electrical pulses that make the heart contract and pump blood to the rest of the body. This electrical pulse flows through the heart from top to…show more content…
The battery and generator are packed into a small metal box and the wires stretch down to the heart through the Subclavian vein. These electrodes are in different places around the heart depending on the pacemaker, some pacemakers have one electrode and it stretches down into the muscle at the bottom of the right ventricle. A pacemaker with two electrodes will have them in the right atrium and right ventricle, a pacemaker with three electrodes will have them placed in the left and right ventricles and the right atrium. The electrodes at the end of the wires can detect your heart beat and can monitor it. If the heart rhythm is unnatural then the generator sends low-energy pulses through the wires to the heart. This means the pacemaker controls your heart rhythm and can keep it consistent, and overrules the natural

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