Beatles Influence On Music

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The songs of group of the Beatles are known for vast majority of the people. The motive of love and peace are seen throughout their songs. They were the most influential band of 1960s in the world. “The six hundred million of Beatles albums was been taken across the world. The song “Yesterday” of Beatles had three thousand variations, making the leader among songs, which was sang by other vocalists.” (The Beatles, by the numbers, 2014) . The band affected the culture of people in big amounts was the Beatles. In 60th of 20 century they were the main figure in music. Four boys from Liverpool did a huge breakthrough in music industry. The Fab four is their name among the people, fans, and reporters. Lots of people had a dream to see the performance…show more content…
The Beatles influenced the music, as their songs took first places in charts of Britain from 1962 till 1967. Films, such as “A hard day’s night” of 1964 and “Help” of 1965 included the group. In 1967 they released album, which called “Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band “ was the first album, which was done two four-track machines. This group transformed the formed concepts of rock’n’roll in United States, having the roots from United Kingdom.” (Beatles,…show more content…
At the beginning of 6oth music of America was ready for something big and tremendous. Firstly, the group changes their location moving to USA. Americans found out such group as Beatles at February 64s.The Beatles opened the happiness after the death of Kennedy. “After JFK’s assassination in 1963, the Beatles were the only thing that made 1964 bearable,” said pop artist Tommy James. Americans felt the tremendous pain, because of the loss of their president, because he was for them very kind and caring. Thus, the country was in sadness. The Beatles were the new group from UK, which had fresh view on everything. Consequently, the Beatles were widespread rapidly. Beatles have made significant achievements in music. Firstly, they created music for everyone. The ages of the listeners were not important. It can be a children, who love dance motive, or sensitive teenagers, who find the part of them in that peace, or adults, who want to know the reality. However, mostly of their audience was youth. Thus, on the influence of Beatles the channel ABC-TV from 1965 till 1969 showed every Saturday the first pop music carton, based on the Beatles made for youth. As it is known, cartoons are well representation of information for Youngers, that’s why that cartoon was on TV so long. Beatles did not participate during this cartoon. However, the animated movie on the song “Yellow submarine” was combined with their preferences. In future, other heavy metal groups

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