Signs Movie Analysis

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The movie “Signs” had a bit of a bigger conflict than just an alien invasion. The bigger picture is that Graham’s wife had been taken from him and his family and it caused him to question his faith and relationship with Christ. Throughout the film the director had designed the movie very strategically to match the theme by dropping signs that Christ was on Graham’s side whether he knew it or not. There are 3 scenes in this film that really stick out and help show the main conflict such as, the flashbacks of Graham and his wife, the passing of Grahams wife and lastly the last scene I the movie, the invasion. Throughout this movie there were 3 flashbacks between Graham and his wife, in the first flashback it was Graham first hearing the news…show more content…
When Graham was into the room and saw an alien holding his son, Morgan he had the flashback where his wife told him the 4 extremely important instructions. Graham needed to see. Once the flashback had ended the alien sprayed a gas into Morgan’s mouth but this did not kill him or affect him because he has had asthma since he was born and at the time his lungs had been closed up. With Morgan’s lungs being closed and helping him live, Graham took this as a sign from God and when Morgan had awoken he asked his father “Did someone save me?” and Graham responded with “I think someone did.”, meaning God has come to Morgan’s rescue. So after the alien breathed this gas on Morgan Graham started to look just like Colleen has instructed him 6 more earlier, and what he saw was Merrill’s at that he once broke a world record with and hit a ball 507 feet with. Nobody could swing that bat as fast and as hard as he could. Merrill had always said that “It felt wrong not to swing” so he had no problem swinging when Graham had handed him the bat and told him to “Swing away” just like Colleen wished. And now years later Bo’s water bomb she had been planting are finally coming in handy. Merrill had discovered when he knocked the alien down that water burns their skin and kills them. Which makes sense now why Bo used to make her way to Graham’s room in the middle of the night to tell him that there was a monster outside her window and she needed water. Colleens passing, Morgan’s asthma and Bo’s accidently preparing for this alien attack was all part of God’s plan and design. After this event in Graham’s life he decided that God had always been on his side and he felt the need to go back to church as the
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