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The Supernatural In Macbeth we see changes happening throughout the play with the characters. Such as Macbeth becoming more evil as the play progresses, but what causes his evilness to emerge? Throughout the play we see Macbeth encounter witches, which sparks his first encounter with calamity, the apparitions with their prophecies, and to finish it off Macbeth kills his best friend that in turn drives him to insanity. Shakespeare uses the supernatural and use of witches and their environment to capture his audience using suspense. Macbeth was looked at as a war hero until he killed the King, but before this Macbeth came into contact with what got him started, which was witches. Throughout literature characters are deceived and not necessary forced to do bad things, but rather convinced. Witches in Shakespearian times were thought to be able to predict the future, fly, create storms, and even possess other people, or cause a possession. Some of these points were demonstrated in the beginning of the play such as the…show more content…
Banquo was one of the victims of Macbeth. Banquo was killed whilst coming to the dinner Macbeth had invited him to, but his son had escaped before he could be murdered also. The sighting of Banquo’s ghost shows how much Macbeth has changed from a war hero, to a murderer, to an insane king whose own mind is deceiving him and driving him to his downfall. When Macbeth reacted to the ghost of Banquo he was extremely frightened and started yelling at, to the guest at the dinner, seemed to be nothing at all. Macbeth’s reaction brings the guest to a conclusion of concern because they can see how Macbeth is going insane. “False face must hide what the false heart doth know” (Act 1, Scene 7, Line 82). This means to lie, or wear a mask hiding what you really know about something. Macbeth’s episode during the dinner shows something is wrong and there is more to Macbeth and the murders than the guest

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