Compare And Contrast Hamlet And The Lion King

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The movie The Lion King, is a childhood favorite written in 1994. It is a tale of a son's revenge on his father's brother for his murder. Much like The Lion KIng, the movie Hamlet is a tragedy of a son's revenge written by William Shakespeare in 1603. Many do not know that The Lion King is a simpler or kid friendly version of Hamlet. The movie breaks down the scenes to tell the same plot,but different a setting and characters. Though, the time gap is large the movies are insync and provide a modern twist of the dated play. In The Lion King the characters play actors from Hamlet. The list of characters are Simba plays Hamlet, Mufasa plays Old Hamlet, Saraba plays Queen Gertrudus, Timon plays Rosencrantz, Pumbaa plays Guildenstern, Nala plays Ophelia, and Scarr plays Claudius. These characters represent the actors from the play Hamlet. The Lion King’s interpretation of this play is extremely similar to the play, Hamlet itself. Many are unaware of these similarities until presented with the evidence to tell.…show more content…
Claudius killed his brother to gain the crown and is remorsing wife, Queen Gertrudus. The characters in the play believed that the death of their king was an accident and there was no act of murder. Until Hamlet, Old Hamlet’s son was visited by the ghost of Old Hamlet. The Ghost tells his depressed and sorrowful son that he is doomed to walk the earth until his murder is revealed and revenged.For example, In the book, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, the ghost states,” Murder most foul, as in the best it is; But this most foul, strange, and unnatural.(34) The ghost of Old Hamlet tells Hamlet that his murderer wa of his

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